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FRANCE revisité – March 2017

Following the successful sale of the painting “Rays of Light” at the Marcq en Baroeul exhibition in France 2015, “Little Bird” now crosses the channel to take part in the March 2017 exhibition.

ART EN FRANCE – March 2015

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ART EN FRANCE – March 2015
mini violins

Our first journey is a literal one, taking us across the channel to France – Marcq en Baroeul to be precise. These 3 pieces of art are being exhibited this March in an exhibition along with other artists’ work from Ealing Art Group, as part of a “twin town” art exhibition.

Each one of these bespoke hand painted violins is unique. Painted in acrylics, and gilded in 24 carat gold leaf onto individually sourced violins and cellos, makes them into a beautiful piece of art in their own right. It is a true matrimony of music and painting coming together. These mini violins are exactly 1/8th scale of a 4/4 full size violin, and small enough to be held in Alison’s hand.

The painting “Rays of Light” was built up in layers, and aims to capture a sense of peace, freedom, as well as light.

Will these 3 pieces find a new home in France? Watch this space…

bumblebeerays of light